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Rama Erasmus

At the young and influential age of 15, and after being kicked out of her family home, Rama started living on the streets of Vancouver. She joined some of the most notorious and dangerous gangs and sold drugs to eat and survive.

After moving back home one year later, feeling empty and abandoned by her family, Rama developed an eating disorder going from a healthy 115lbs to over 210 lbs. Food became a way of coping with emotions, a way to connect with self, and medicate to numb out from the world. At the age of 18, Rama felt unloved, lost and without purpose. Without having any tools to deal with her feelings of sadness and rejection, Rama took a bottle of pills in a failed suicide attempt.

rama erasmus then and now

One day in her early twenties, after spending many years high on drugs, drunk on alcohol, and most of her life in depression, Rama was sitting in her bedroom alone crying, when she heard a deep calling from within. She knew she could no longer live in the manner she was. She felt there was so much in life for her to experience and share, and that a deeper purpose was waiting for her. It was time to change.

Rama started by climbing a mountain twice a week, joined a gym and lost over 80 pounds. She became a personal trainer and passionate about helping others get healthy and fit knowing that it wasn't just about food and exercise, it is what comes from the inside that shows up on the outside.
After Rama's weight loss and helping others with theirs, she went in search for more. She felt better about herself, had more confidence, yet, she knew there was much more out there that she needed to learn and experience.

rama erasmus

Spirit Was Calling and Rama Listened

Since that moment of decision to change, more than fifteen years ago, Rama has been traveling the world and on a journey into her own truth and understandings of Unconditional Love, Spirituality, Compassion, Authenticity and Vulnerability.
Rama has had the privilege of working with, meeting and learning from some of the worlds most brilliant, life changing and thought provoking leaders and spiritual teachers. Anthony Robbins, Alison Armstrong, Brian Weiss, Deepak Chopra, His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Lisa Nicholes (from The Secret), Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup For The Soul), Abraham/Esther Hicks and Prem Rawat are among just a few who have influenced Rama's life in profound ways.
Passionate about life, learning, exploring, running events and her coaching practice, Rama's life's purpose has been to Love deeper, Share more, support others and serve all who are open, willing and on their own unique journey into truth and happiness.
If you'd like to contact Rama for more information regarding her Life Coaching, Event Management, Retreats, have questions or just want to share in the journey, please contact her at the below email address.

rama erasmus